Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week's links ...

Crazy, crazy week here getting back into school routine, plus with training duty for basketball and a team managers meeting on the nights that The Boy and The Little Girl also needed to be at swimming ... luckily Hubby is in the country this week. It's a lovely day here today. I spent some time watching The Boy at his first cricket match and planting some seeds in the vege garden.

Now on to some links ...

1. The ultimate Beginner's Guide to Street Photography.

2. Guide to the Easiest Indoor Plants.

3. How to make English Muffins.

4. We had this Beef Kofta last Saturday. It was yum.

5. Daylight savings also started this week, so getting up has been extra fun. I should take this advice ... A Gentle Guide to Help you wake up earlier.

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