Saturday, October 4, 2014

This week's links ...

It's a beautiful day here today, it would have been perfect for the beach but we are back in Melbourne so it's gardening day and then later I'll take The Little Girl to her long distance swim meet. First 400m freestyle race for her so that will be interesting. The Big Girl is painting the fence and The Boy is helping Hubby put mesh up behind the fruit trees. I have already completed my job (pruning) but I may head out again later to plant some summer vegetable seeds. Anyway ... the links ...

1. Stepables - plants for paths and walkways ... if the mondo grass between our steppers doesn't take, I'll need this.

2. Day in the Life Process. (with ideas for expanding it to WIL).

3. A collection of beautiful free PL cards.

4. Emergency Ingredient Substitutions. If you're anything like me you often start making something (or can't be bothered making a run to the shops for one ingredient) and find you don't have everything you need. Here's a list of substitutions. It could also come in handy for allergies I guess.

5. Free day planner downloads (registration required)

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