Tuesday, October 21, 2014

List #7: What we did on a two week holiday to Pt. Lonsdale in September

1. Day trip to Pt. Addis
2. Lizard hunting.


3. Have a slice bake off.
4. A manic game of backyard basketball.
5. Card games.
6. Play Forbidden Island.
7. Climb the trees at the front beach.
8. Find a geocache.


9. Make apple muffins.
10. Play a life size version of Forbidden Island ... also known as make it round the point at low tide. We had one abortive attempt and made it on the second try.




11. Lunch at Charlie Noble.
12. Practice Golf with Grandma.
13. Eat ice creams at Queenscliff Harbour.


14. Visit Grandpa at Vinnie's where he volunteers.
15. Hide and seek at the Uncle's.
16. Lunch at Driftwood.

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