Friday, October 17, 2014



Narrated iMovies seem to be the foreign language project of choice this year ... we had my house (in Mandarin), my fashion show (Italian) and the Chinese teacher noticing all the cute pets in the house movies has now set a pet assignment.

Photos needed to be found of Harry so I directed her to my old mac that has all our photos prior to 2013. That was all good but she wondered where the older photos were ... she couldn't find any of him as a puppy.

"Oh, those are all on film"
"What do you mean"
"What like video"
"No, I mean film, you know with negatives."
"How can you not know what film is. We didn't have a digital camera until you were 5."

So today I rummaged through the boxes to find the right photo album and while I was there pulled out an old film cassette.

"See, you stick this in the camera, take 40 photos, then take it out and down to the store to be developed. You pick your photos up after a couple days to see what you got."
"What do you mean"
"There was no screen to check your photos."
"What? That's silly. What if you took all blurry photos."
"You did your best not to."

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