Friday, October 3, 2014

Exploring Pt. Addis

While down at the beach we went on a day trip to Pt. Addis which is just past Bell's Beach on the Great Ocean Rd. We found the information in the Best Walks of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Brisbane Ranges and decided to do the Koori Cultural Walk and add on the Ironbark Basin and Jarosite Headland. We picked a gorgeous day and headed off in two cars. The kids made sure that we would be coming back to the beach before they started up the bush track. The Koori Cultural walk has signs along the track with information on how the indigenous people lived and used the plants in the bush.


It was a good time of year for wildflowers.



The track wound up and down through varying habitats.


Every now and then we'd break out of the bush and be treated to stunning views.

 The cliffs are unstable so these viewing platforms come in handy for a place to rest and enjoy the view in safety.


We completed the Cultural Walk quickly and decided to continue on, we were a little unsure which direction to take until mum spotted the Tiger Snake Breeding Area Sign.


 Our directions were to turn left. We set off and wound our way along the coast and up the headland. At one point the vegetation was encroaching heavily on the path and going up the headland the path was badly washed away.


We missed the top viewing area but luckily I snapped this...


before we found ourselves heading downhill through bushland. We hit the major path at a T-intersection as described in the book. There was sign on the track we had just emerged out of ... track closed. OOPS! We are quite sure that there was no sign on the other end though. The next part of the track was fairly steep uphill but well maintained before it flattened out to run behind houses back to the Ironside carpark. We left the kids and uncle eating lunch at the picnic tables and walked the 2km back to the beach carpark to pickup up the cars. I think the kids may have mutinied otherwise. Since we were in the cars we drove up to the Point and had a look


then stopped at the toilets (drop toilets and not nice, but luckily mum had some hand sanitiser) before parking back in our original carpark so the kids could have their swim and play on the beach. We stayed near the stairs end where clothing is not optional.


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