Saturday, September 27, 2014

This week's links ...

1. I've just finished making a Double Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova for The Little Girl's birthday cake and am looking forward to tucking in later tonight.

2. Must Read books ... I've read one, The Help.

3. My indoor plants are doing very well so this post "How to Divide House Plants" may come in handy soon.

4. A bumper list of movies to watch with kids.

5. I've written a couple of unsent letters in the last couple of months (a good way to get something off your chest when actually getting it off your chest may do more harm than good) ... here are a whole list of prompts for a letter journal.

We've had a lovely day watching the AFL grand final while indulging in champagne, dip and cheese, playing The Little Girl's new game, a run some cooking and just generally enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope you weekend is full of lovely things too.

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