Saturday, September 20, 2014

The winter vege garden ...

looks not bad from this angle ...


but the rest of it is not looking nearly as good. These are a mix of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower that I bought as seedlings and planted out. We've been eating home grown broccoli this week.


As for rest, I have some straggly onions, about half the broad beans sprouted and none of my snow peas or sweet peas that I planted along the fence have emerged from the ground. I did have major issues with some kind of animal pulling up the pansy seedlings and digging up seeds. In the last week or so some carrots have popped up, the coriander is big enough to cut a few leaves for a garnish and an unidentified plant that popped up and then quickly overtook the neighbouring coriander. A wander out to the garden this week and a closer inspection revealed the radish bulb poking from the ground. It's quickly grown very large so I pulled it and it will be sure to spice up my salads this week.


So overall not a total loss ... we'll see what else decides to pop up in the next month. It's time now to start planning our spring plantings ... there's plenty of gaps to fill.

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