Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking Stock September

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You can pick up one of Pip's Taking Stock List and join in if you like.

Making : granola in the slow cooker.
Cooking : old favourites.
Drinking : water. The wine cellar is bare and I've decided to have a pause on restocking.
Reading: Romans commentaries (I just handed in a paper) ... but also Love Does (OK) and The Idea of Perfection which I'm not loving.
Wanting: a resolution so we can move on.
Looking: at a bird catching worms in the lawn.
Playing: Forbidden Island ... or we will be on Saturday, it's the Little Girl's birthday present.
Deciding: which articles to write my critical reflections on ... anything over 20 pages got the first round chop.
Wishing: someone would go to the supermarket for me.
Enjoying: a quick getaway down the beach for Father's day.
Waiting: to see whether the cricket club can get a team together for The Boy.
Liking: not having to do the school run.
Wondering: whether the seeds I planted on the weekend will be any more successful than the Autumn lot.
Loving: the thought of 2 weeks down at the beach.
Pondering: how we can see things so differently.
Considering: the wisdom of agreeing to The Boy's choice of cake to cook ... my floors and benches are not happy.
Watching: The Block.
Hoping: to get The Little Girl's expedition done these holidays.
Marvelling: At the confidence of the kids singing into head mikes at The Boy's school musical.
Needing: a solid night's sleep ... although I've been giving it my best shot.
Smelling: daphne at the front door to my parents house a Pt. Lonsdale.
Wearing: running shorts ... a couple of days have been warm enough to ditch the skins.
Following: this series on Maxabella loves.
Noticing: that my weekly lists are getting longer.
Knowing: I better let go of some of those things.
Thinking: Where will it end?
Admiring: the Little Girl's ability to get A's on her music exams ... grade 4 violin this time.
Sorting: priorities.
Buying: Supplies to make this and this. Which both turned out yummy and were very easy.
Getting: skype phone calls from China.
Bookmarking: seeded oat bread.
Disliking: massive thunder storms with hail stones at school pickup, flooded roads and no umbrella.
Opening: a packet of seeds that arrived in the mail from Diggers.
Giggling: at Dog house diaries How Babies Make Decisions.
Feeling: like some fresh air.
Snacking: on Thai style sweet chilli cashews.
Coveting: a fishpond for my courtyard to replace the half dug hole in the dirt.
Wishing: they would be reasonable.
Helping: The Little Girl pack for swimming camp.
Hearing: the wind whip around the house (we've had some wild weather round here)

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alexa said...

Oh my goodness, that does sound wild and wet and windy! Lovely post - and a nice insight into how things re for you. Hoping you get some good sleep soon.