Monday, September 29, 2014

Project Life 2014: August

It's been a while since I've finished a whole month but here's August. It was a low photo month so I've done 3 pages.
2014 PL Aug pg 1
I started with some photos from the vege garden. The journaling is modified from this blog post which you may notice sat forgotten in my drafts folder for a while. I also included a story about the coconut that came in our CERES box. White card stock on journal cards is from Jubilee by One Little Bird. August calendar is by Jillian McClenahan and is available as a free download
2014 PL August pg2
This page features the journaling from my around here blog post with a few modifications and additions. For privacy reasons I blurred the photos of The Little Girl at the athletics carnival and The Boy with his soccer team and used CZ Design privacy labels.
2014 PL Aug pg3
The last page are photos from the trip Hubby and The Boy took to Mt. Buller so The Boy could compete in the inter school snowsports championships.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

This week's links ...

1. I've just finished making a Double Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova for The Little Girl's birthday cake and am looking forward to tucking in later tonight.

2. Must Read books ... I've read one, The Help.

3. My indoor plants are doing very well so this post "How to Divide House Plants" may come in handy soon.

4. A bumper list of movies to watch with kids.

5. I've written a couple of unsent letters in the last couple of months (a good way to get something off your chest when actually getting it off your chest may do more harm than good) ... here are a whole list of prompts for a letter journal.

We've had a lovely day watching the AFL grand final while indulging in champagne, dip and cheese, playing The Little Girl's new game, a run some cooking and just generally enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope you weekend is full of lovely things too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking Stock September

PicMonkey Collage

You can pick up one of Pip's Taking Stock List and join in if you like.

Making : granola in the slow cooker.
Cooking : old favourites.
Drinking : water. The wine cellar is bare and I've decided to have a pause on restocking.
Reading: Romans commentaries (I just handed in a paper) ... but also Love Does (OK) and The Idea of Perfection which I'm not loving.
Wanting: a resolution so we can move on.
Looking: at a bird catching worms in the lawn.
Playing: Forbidden Island ... or we will be on Saturday, it's the Little Girl's birthday present.
Deciding: which articles to write my critical reflections on ... anything over 20 pages got the first round chop.
Wishing: someone would go to the supermarket for me.
Enjoying: a quick getaway down the beach for Father's day.
Waiting: to see whether the cricket club can get a team together for The Boy.
Liking: not having to do the school run.
Wondering: whether the seeds I planted on the weekend will be any more successful than the Autumn lot.
Loving: the thought of 2 weeks down at the beach.
Pondering: how we can see things so differently.
Considering: the wisdom of agreeing to The Boy's choice of cake to cook ... my floors and benches are not happy.
Watching: The Block.
Hoping: to get The Little Girl's expedition done these holidays.
Marvelling: At the confidence of the kids singing into head mikes at The Boy's school musical.
Needing: a solid night's sleep ... although I've been giving it my best shot.
Smelling: daphne at the front door to my parents house a Pt. Lonsdale.
Wearing: running shorts ... a couple of days have been warm enough to ditch the skins.
Following: this series on Maxabella loves.
Noticing: that my weekly lists are getting longer.
Knowing: I better let go of some of those things.
Thinking: Where will it end?
Admiring: the Little Girl's ability to get A's on her music exams ... grade 4 violin this time.
Sorting: priorities.
Buying: Supplies to make this and this. Which both turned out yummy and were very easy.
Getting: skype phone calls from China.
Bookmarking: seeded oat bread.
Disliking: massive thunder storms with hail stones at school pickup, flooded roads and no umbrella.
Opening: a packet of seeds that arrived in the mail from Diggers.
Giggling: at Dog house diaries How Babies Make Decisions.
Feeling: like some fresh air.
Snacking: on Thai style sweet chilli cashews.
Coveting: a fishpond for my courtyard to replace the half dug hole in the dirt.
Wishing: they would be reasonable.
Helping: The Little Girl pack for swimming camp.
Hearing: the wind whip around the house (we've had some wild weather round here)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

List #6: The Little Girl's Guestlist


1. Tamsyn
2. Tara
3. Samarra
4. Jaquie
5. Sophie
**Alison, Hannah and Kate couldn't come.

We had to pull a birthday party together at the last moment (3 days notice) because we decided we just better have one or it wouldn't happen at all. With most of her friends having birthdays in September and October and three weeks school holidays over this period it can be hard to get a date. So it was spa, homemade pizza dinner, ice-cream cake and the movie Inkheart before a reasonably early night so The Little Girl could make her 6:15 swim session the next morning.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The winter vege garden ...

looks not bad from this angle ...


but the rest of it is not looking nearly as good. These are a mix of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower that I bought as seedlings and planted out. We've been eating home grown broccoli this week.


As for rest, I have some straggly onions, about half the broad beans sprouted and none of my snow peas or sweet peas that I planted along the fence have emerged from the ground. I did have major issues with some kind of animal pulling up the pansy seedlings and digging up seeds. In the last week or so some carrots have popped up, the coriander is big enough to cut a few leaves for a garnish and an unidentified plant that popped up and then quickly overtook the neighbouring coriander. A wander out to the garden this week and a closer inspection revealed the radish bulb poking from the ground. It's quickly grown very large so I pulled it and it will be sure to spice up my salads this week.


So overall not a total loss ... we'll see what else decides to pop up in the next month. It's time now to start planning our spring plantings ... there's plenty of gaps to fill.

This week's links ...

1. May try this yoga pose.

2. I have a few corners that could do with an elevated plant. One of these DIY plant stands might be just what is needed.

3. A really easy way to improve your food photography.

4. Imposing artificial times constraints to get more done.

5. Let go of the unnecessary.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A most ridiculous cake ...


Three floor washings. Myriad chocolate finger marks on my cupboards. Wondering if I should have agreed he could make it.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A short getaway ...


A boy sick on the way nearly derailed our plans, but with no further recurrence we enjoyed our mini break.

Joining with Abi.