Monday, August 25, 2014

Around here ...


Enjoying ... a little taste of Spring at the end of winter. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were beautifully sunny and warm for this time of year.

Congratulating ... The Little Girl on her 3rd place ribbon in the Yr 7-8 C 1500m at the GSV athletics last week (5:50). Out of the year 7's in all four races she was 4th. She also ran in the Yr 7-8 B 800m and came 6th (2:50).

Playing ... the last match of the season. Basketball for The Big Girl and soccer for The Boy. 

Registering ... The Boy for cricket in summer.

Wishing ... the school did not require iPads for little boys who have not yet developed the responsibility to use them well and avoid the many temptations put in front of them.

Packing ... well some of us, for trips to the snow this week.

Listening ... to extra music practice in preparation for an upcoming violin exam.

Anticipating ... less early mornings now that the school athletics season is finished.

Drowning ... under the massive amount of reading required this semester.

Planting ... two climbing roses outside my kitchen window.

Eating ... choc chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Homemade by The Big and Little Girls.

Running ... after a week off with a virus I did two runs last week.

Booking ... accommodation for our road trip to central Australia next July. The only nights left to book are the first night and last night on the road back to Melbourne.

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