Friday, August 29, 2014

Adventures with a Bullet journal: What's in the journal July 2014

In July I decided to try a bullet journal for recording all the little bits and pieces of my life in one place. I've worked my way into a bit of a routine, and apart from my monthly, weekly and daily focus pages (which I plan to write about in another post), I also have some collections, book notes and other bits and pieces. I've found it useful to see how other people are using their journals and so I figured why not add my experience to the conversation.

  • Bible reading plan. I'm following the girls plan from youth group so we can have a conversation about it sometimes. I just glued this in.
  • List of ideas to try, things I'm concerned about. I go through my daily journal pages each week and transfer to here anything that has popped up that I don't want to tackle in the next week or month.
  • Our 4 week rotating menu for Term 3.  Bullet Journal - Term 3 Rotating menu
  • List of vouchers and their expiry dates.
  • Notes from a study skills seminar I attended with The Big Girl.
  • Goals brain storming session.Bullet Journal - Goals Brainstorming
  • Specific goals for the next 6 months that came out of my brain storming session.Bullet Journal - 6 month goals
  • Notes on Brene Brown's Daring Greatly. A highly recommended read. I only note down things that I think are really worthwhile and my notes on this book filled 3 pages.
  • Some general information for the unit I'm studying this semester and a plan of attack for the assessment tasks. Bullet Journal - Romans plan of attack
The fact that I have everything that is on my mind in one book is a great advantage to actually writing things down. If I had to think where to put something I might not write it down at all and then it would probably be lost as it gets crowded out by the huge variety of things jostling for my attention.


Cate Brickell said...

That's why I love the bullet journal - everything in one place. I've already created a list of things I'd like to change next year (and started implementing some of them, too)

alexa said...

I'm a great fan of keeping things all in one place too :). That's quite a list to be getting on with, and wishing you every success. I keep peering at Week 3 - it can't really say Vodka pasta, can it?