Saturday, July 26, 2014

This week's links ...

Finally, some time to sit down. Hubby is away in China again and I've been running kids all over the place, although The Little Girl refused to get out of bed for swimming this morning ... unfortunately that meant I was up at 6:45am within no prospect of going back to sleep. Grrr!

Anyway, some links:

1. Homemade crumpets. The Big Girl just saw these and wanted them for breakfast tomorrow. Although tempting, firstly we have no rings and secondly we have to be at the pool by 7:30am for a Club Meet and she is unlikely to surface before we leave.

2. Food Photography behind the scenes.

3. With one kid whose behaviour after spending too much time on computers, iPad etc I totally get this post: Why I took my kids electronics away.

4. 7 Great books to read this summer. Well it's winter here but I loved Divergent so will have to get my hands on Four ... or how about the 10 best top 100 book lists.

5. And you must pop by Alexa's for some gorgeous printable watercolour typewriters.

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