Saturday, July 5, 2014

Month in Numbers: June 2014

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5 -  friends, pizza and The Internship to celebrate The Big Girl's 15th birthday ... and a mint chip brownie ice-cream cake ...


2 - is the number of these cakes made this month. The Little Girl and The Boy also made one for The Big Girl on her actual birthday. 

8 - the number of days The Boy managed to go without breaking his good behaviour contract concerning responsible use of technology .. as a result no iPad or computer over the holidays. He thought he could take advantage of the restrictions I set being turned off after ICT at school restored his iPad from an earlier backup ... he now knows that I can check his account to see what he has downloaded.

2 - number of cross country events for The Little Girl. Her team came 5th in the 4X2km road relay and scored the bronze medal in the 3km cross country championships. The second event also doubled as the trials for the national team, so had a very strong field and it was a very tough course. Luckily The Little Girl doesn't mind hills ... I took this on the walk through at about the halfway mark of the course where they had to run down over the back of this hill and up again. She came 63rd with a time of 13:32.8.


137.3m  - the elevation of Mt Cooper (above), the highest point in metropolitan Melbourne, so while the girls walked down to see where the course went I admired the views.

10 - the volume The Boy had his guitar turned to for his school winter concert. The conversation after:

The Boy: "Was there one guitar that you could hear the best"
Me: "There was actually"
The Boy: "Yep, that was me. I had the amps cranked up to 10 and I set my guitar volume on 10."
Luckily he was knew what he was doing, which given the amount of practice of those particular songs surprised me.

1 - number of soccer goals scored by The Boy ... his first ever in the Saturday competition.

43.11km - how far I ran in June. The longest was 4.86km  ... almost finished my Couch to 5K.

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alexa said...

I have never heard of Couch to 5K but I am glowing to google - congratulations are clearly in order as you are so nearly there!