Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Last week around here, in various combinations we ...

Rolled sushi at the request of The Big Girl. Filled with a choice of eggs, raw vegetables, smoked salmon, prawns and avocado. We used an Obento sushi kit and I would recommend making these for reasonably dextrous fingers, I helped The Boy but the girls did theirs themselves.

Watched Blended

Redecorated in the bedroom. The last two times I'd changed the sheets on our bed the doona cover ripped a little more so I had no choice but to make some decisions about the long overdue bedroom update.


Sheltered from some really atrocious weather.


Were reprimanded by the dentist (the kids not me) ... although no decay ... fluoride clearly does wonders.

Ran. A combination of interval training and longer runs for The Little Girls Athletics training. Long for us is 5km ... we're not talking marathons here.

Limped. Surprisingly that's not me but The Boy who hurt his foot at his soccer clinic and has developed a habit now even though he knows his foot doesn't hurt anymore.

Planned The Little Girls Compass Expedition although, according to the weather forecast, we unfortunately will not have a combination of free day with good weather so we will have to postpone it to later in the year.

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