Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time for another holiday list ...

it's been a while but I think I'm up for another one. The kids finished school this afternoon and so we have 17 days of school holidays and Hubby will be overseas for 12 of them. Swimming squad runs straight through the holidays for The Little Girl.

Already on the calendar ...

1. Parent teacher interview for The Boy (tomorrow).
2. Special swimming squad session with the club's National squad for The Boy.
3. Soccer match for The Boy.
4. Two day soccer clinic for The Boy.
5. OPG for the The Little Girl followed by orthodontic appointments for her and The Boy.
6. Dental appointments for all three kids.
7. A day trip skiing for The Boy, Hubby and The Big Girl.
8. Surrey Park SC meet for The Little Girl.
9. Athletics training session for The Little Girl.

Should do ...

10. Finish my couch to 5K.
11. Help the Little Girl with interval training.
12. Thorough clean of the bedrooms and playroom.
13. Get some paid work done (EOY and EOM, plus BAS reporting)
14. Prepare for violin exam (The Little Girl).
15. Attend to the garden.
16. Sort my wardrobe.

Want to do ...

17. The Little Girl's compass expedition (or at least plan it).
18. Play dates.
19. Get up to date with PL2014
20. Find some of the items on Rinda's Summertime Scavenger hunt.
21. See a movie.
22. Make dumplings and eat them.
23. Make pasties.
24. We made nutella donuts earlier this year, maybe try strawberry jam donuts.

... and I'm hoping we will have time to make, read and see some other things that catch our attention.

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alexa said...

My goodness, that is quite a list! I can see that your young ones' engagements take a lot of your time. Hoping you do all you want to do, and enjoy it too.