Monday, June 9, 2014

My Month in Numbers: May 2014

... and I'm back. I had a little break due to the 5000 words I had to hand in for assessment in the last two weeks.

Month in Numbers is brought to you by Julie at notes on paper.

Moving on to May's numbers though ...

2 pairs of running shoes bought. 1 for myself because I'm doing the couch to 5K running program and 1 for The Little Girl because she only had cross trainers and has been / will be doing a lot of straight running over the next 6 months. This is what her runners looked like after her first race. Running through mud puddles will do that.


It wasn't the most successful run for her, 16min for 3km but by the time of the GSV championship race on the 30th May she did a 12:31min for the 3km. Coming 5th in the B race, she missed the A team for her school because she got tripped in the preliminary race and ended up 11th fastest by only 8s. Her time at the championship was the 4th fastest for a junior runner from her school on the day. She's had a big improvement which isn't surprising considering she was only given the go ahead to start running in March.

2 new fruits tried. I've begun ordering CERES boxes again and we received tamarillos and a persimmon in our box one week. I had to google to see what they were. Persimmon good ... tamarillo not so much.

7 days and 130km hiking, biking and canoeing. The Big Girl's camp was a true test this year ... and they made it from the head of the Yarra back to school. May happened to be one of our warmest on record, unfortunately the camp was smack bang in some of the worst weather for the month. The first day was cold, rainy and the steep dirt track had already been churned up by an earlier race. Beautiful countryside though ...

14 extra hours string orchestra rehearsal at school for The Little Girl in preparation for the concerto evening.

3rd Grade piano for Leisure exam completed by The Little Girl.

12 days overseas in 3 countries (China, UK and Italy) for Hubby.

8955 steps per day up 200 from last month even though I two days I forgot to wear my fitbit. Distance 6.28km up 0.3km, active minutes 32 up 7 and floors 18 down 6. 


Julie Kirk said...

Sounds like there's been a lot of mud following your girls around what with the churned up camp and those muddy shoes! love that photo though! [I hope they're easy to wash!]

But it must have been scary for her being tripped in the race ... scarier for you I'm guessing though.

I don't think I've tried either of those fruits - I suppose that's what getting a prepacked box does for you. Broadening your fruity horizons! ;-)

Your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now Melissa:

Here's to a bright, happy [and less muddy] remainder of June to you all.

Julie :-)

ScrappingKatie said...

Hi Melissa,
We had Persimmons in our veg box last summer and I had to google them but they turned out to be nice :) unlike the pounds of Jerusalem artichokes I threw away this winter because the family rebelled and refused to eat them no matter how I tried to hide them!
Love the muddy shoe pictures :) katie