Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Month in Numbers: April

Month in Numbers is the brainchild of Julie. You can pop over to her blog and join in if you like or just browse lots more numbers.

The Little Girl was extremely keen to make the school cross country team again this year but we weren't sure how she would go because it was only four weeks since she got the go ahead from the doctor's to start running again ... 6 months after she broke her leg. She decided to give the championships race which was 3km a miss and competed in the 2km race for year 7 and 8 and she came 4th. The first 15 qualified for the squad and she now has to run in a PB meet to confirm her place in the team.


Mum and dad took The Little Girl and I to the top end of the Northern Territory for 13 days as a replacement for the trip to the Kimberley's that she missed when she broke her leg. We visited Darwin, Litchfield NP, Nitmiluk NP (Katherine Gorge) and Kakadu NP.

While in the Kakadu NP we saw 9 salties (salt water crocodiles ... they're the dangerous kind) ...

and another 10, wild in the Adelaide river, that have been taught to jump out to grab meat off a stick.

Meanwhile back at home Hubby took the other two kids to St Arnaud to spend 3 days at his cousins farm. Both kids are itching to get back. The Big Girl loved Patrick the cat and driving the car in the paddock. The Boy attached himself to Hubby's uncle and spent his days driving the tractor.


I decided to be a little haphazard in my goal to improve my physical fitness and lose a little bit of weight and got a fitbit. With my increased computer hours due to work and taxiing kids around I knew I had become more sedentary but was shocked that if I didn't intentionally go for a walk my steps for the day were around 5000. I started to make more of an effort to be more active and ended up with an average of 8755 steps, 5.99km walked, 25 active minutes and 24 floors climbed per day. My aim this month is to increase these figures (except perhaps the last one which seems pretty reasonable.)

We tried three new recipes. I made this Gomae recipe but with beans instead of spinach, Chocolate and Jam Tea Cake and Soft Frosted Cookies. All good.

We bought 67 new plants (not quite so crazy as you might expect, 40 of those were mini mondo grass). We needed to fill in some gaps plus finish the courtyard that was recently filled with waist high dandelions.


We downloaded the Geocaching app and located GC114FQ in Meredith enroute to our day trip destination of Daylesford.



Linda said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Wow! You've got a lot of planting to do. Good luck to your daughter for her running - and you with your fitbit. Bit scary those salties!!!

Julie Kirk said...

It's great to see that she's feeling confident enough to start running on her leg again. But kids can be like that can't they - especially when they're passionate about something?! And then you're the one left watching and checking everything's OK!

And again Geocaching makes it into the official activities for Month in Numbers! I've never done it but lots of other MiN bloggers have. I'm feeling left out ... ;-)

The plants look great - really structural and stylish, I'm sure it'll be worth all the holes you'll have to dig!

Your post is safely pinned to the board alongside everyone else's now:

May May bring you and yours many good things Melissa!

Julie x

Hazel A.. said...

Beautiful waterfall! Looks like you had quite an adventure in April...I'm not sure about those crocs though! Yikes! I hear you about needing to be more active and send my encouraging cheers! May you have an equally active May!