Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Simply a Moment: April

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Time: 2:35pm
Date: 23.04.2014
Location: Home

I'm in the middle of my post holiday catch up. There's work (of the paid variety) to do, mail, routines, food and washing to sort before the full onslaught of after school activities begins next week. A bit of busyness is worth it though for a complete break away. The girls are at school for two days this week ... they'll be off again on Friday for ANZAC day, but The Boy doesn't go back to school until next week. I have a work deadline next Monday, so The Boy is set up in the kitchen finishing his cookies. Begun yesterday, the dough sat overnight in the fridge for a midday baking, before I called him down to get them iced before afternoon tea.

I run a report and glance over the figures, I was hoping to get through this quickly but as I scan down the columns I notice something out of place. I start back tracking through reports hoping to find the problem quickly. The Boy interrupts, he wants to know what he needs to do next.

"Beat in two tablespoons of cream until thick and fluffy"

Now, where was I? ... run the transaction listing ... why does it need to be ten pages?

The Boy's calls out from the pantry. "Is this thick and fluffy."

"I'm sure it's thick and fluffy by now." I reply.

"Should I add the colouring?"


I search a little longer, run some more reports, but I'm going to have to ring the office. A couple of minutes later, I've handed the problem over to the people responsible to fix. I glance over at The Boy, he has dark green lips. My vision of lovely pastel icing evaporates. They won't win any food styling awards, but these biscuits have occupied The Boy for a few hours and The Little Girl is sure to appreciate biscuits iced in her favourite colour.

Edited to add: The biscuits are yum. Soft Frosted Sugar Biscuits Recipe.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Month in Numbers: March

Hubby took The Boy to the Centenary of Military Aviation celebration at Pt Cook.

The Little Girl spent 4 days away at school camp. There was a 25m high swing. This was 1 week after she finally got the go ahead to run and jump on the leg she broke six months ago.


Hubby spent 6 days in China for work.

 I had to give a 45min presentation on my life and faith to my tutorial group. I was quite concerned as the longest I'd had to speak for before was 30min, plus I had to speak about myself. Turns out I had no problem with a lack of material ... I had to cut out some of what I'd planned to say. Clearly I don't have a problem talking about myself. In preparation I pulled out some of my old journals. I had some from when I was in year 11 and 12 and had forgotten most of what I did back then. During my talk I read some passages from my journals and also an old blog post.

The Big Girl came 5th in basketball, missing out on the finals. They beat the 4th team, were on the same number of wins and had a bigger percentage but missed out because the 4th team them had an extra byes giving them two extra points. Not happy.

We celebrated our 17 year anniversary. Hubby arrived home from China in the morning with a bunch of flowers. I have my handbag because I've just come in from early morning swimming. I'm looking forward to the end of daylight saving because that particular day I dropped The Little Girl off at 6:10am, then went back home woke The Boy and was back at 6:55am with him and it was still dark.


I made four new recipes. Two for a family celebration on our anniversary. Hawaiian BBQ Quesadillas with Pineapple Mango Quacamole and Nutella-filled doughnuts. Both were a hit.

I tried this slow-cooker mongolian beef and it was OK but probably won't cook it again. We also made these choc-chip cookies which were good but not as good as our go to recipe which I just realised I've never posted ... may have to remedy that.

And despite what I promised last month about checking the vege garden we had two monster 4.5kg zucchini.

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