Monday, March 24, 2014

Simply a Moment: March


Date: 18.3.2014
Time: 11:23am
Location: At home.

There’s a whistle as the wind picks up, swirling round the house, it lifts the dust in the courtyard and as I look out the window the air is suddenly alive with flitting, floating seed heads. Each one sparkles as if they are lit from within. The garden is momentarily transformed into the fairyland of little girl’s stories.

I should have pulled those waist high thistles out before they went to seed … I’ll regret not doing so in a couple months time when they sprout throughout the garden, but right now I’m enjoying the show.

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Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I can imagine just how pretty that must have been.

alexa said...

It sounds magical, Melissa - I'd have loved to have been there ... And thank you for such a vivid moment to add to the collection this month :).

Miriam said...

What a really lovely moment to share. There is something fairy like and magical about those floating seed heads.

Julie Kirk said...

How lovely! I know *just* what it must have been like. When I was a teenager there was an empty field / waste land behind our house and one day an entire field's worth of seed heads came drifting over the fence. Beautiful! [I wish we'd had cameras to hand - within grabbing distance - like we do now!]

Honoré said...

and Oh, how I enjoyed the "show" and the moment too! Lovely post.

Becky said...

That must have been really pretty to watch!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh as a gardener I know that regret, but oh they do look so pretty as they float.