Monday, March 17, 2014

Project Life February 2014

I'm keeping up pretty well so far this year. March once again is a mix of pages following my standard designs mixed with normal scrapbook pages, making a total of 5 double page spreads. The first few pages had our photos from Chinese New Year.

I did a double page layout with the dusk and fireworks photos.

Next a layout just to showcase the silly antics of the kids while sec waited for the fireworks to start. I paired this with our schedule for this term and an iPhone selfie.

Some cooking, The Little Girl's surf day excursion when she didn't get to surf  because she did not have the all clear from the doctor but she did get to make a bird box and see koalas.

Next my Simply a Moment, my February lists and my month in numbers.

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alexa said...

I like the way the PL pages are mixed in with other sorts of design too - they are all so attractive.