Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Month in Numbers: February

2 = the number of games won in the last two seconds by my daughter's basketball team. The Big Girl was the hero in the second one ...

14-15 down with 12 sec to go in the Big Girls basketball match, Cougars have possession. They get the ball down to their goals pass it around until with 1s on the clock it lands in the Big Girls hands. The mum's are all yelling to shoot and she puts it up ... and it lands in the basket. They win 16-15.

It's exciting but my nerves could do with a bit more margin.

5 = the number of swim meets the Little Girl swam in this month. Three were with school ... two of them at MSAC on the same day which necessitated a 7am drop off at school and a 10:30pm finish at MSAC.

5 = the number of school information nights I went to ... yes, I do only have 3 kids.

6 = number of trips to Bunnings. 1 project finished (putting the garden shed on a floor) and 1 still to complete (the pergola).

4 = number of monster size zucchini. Not all of them were quite this big, but I really must learn to check the plant more often. These are not nice to eat.


2 = the number of times we saw the hot air balloons over Melbourne.



Julie Kirk said...

You mist *really* know all there is to know about the school now after all those information sessions! I hope they won't be testing you on it later ...

And how exciting for your daughter to save the day in the dying seconds! What a great story for her to be able to tell!

I've added you to the board now:

You're house is looking so smart too.

Happy March to you and yours Melissa!

Julie :-)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Congratulations to Big Girl!
You have such an athletic family. The kids and I go everywhere walking but that´s about it.
Cool picture of the balloons.