Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Goyoza

was on my 14 Things in 2014 list and we have now made them twice. We followed this recipe for pork goyoza.

The Boy was eager to mix the meat and I was happy to let him.

Then we all joined in the folding and pleating. It was a little tricky for The Boy but fairly straight forward for the girls and I.


The pork mixture was supposed to make 72 dumplings but I only had 32 wrappers. We stir fried up the left over pork mixture with some rice the next day and it was yummy. I've since made it again and we made about 52 dumplings.


I was a bit nervous about the cooking method. You fry the dumplings first in a little bit of oil then pour water into the pan, cover with a tight lid and let steam for 10mins. I don't have a frypan with a tight life but just made added a little more water partway through the steaming and it was fine. You need to be careful lifting them out of the frypan, I used an egg lifter to make sure they didn't get stuck to the bottom. We served up with a soy sauce and rice wine vinegar dipping sauce.


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