Friday, February 14, 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out: Chinese New Year

We took the kids in to the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Crown Riverside. They set up street food stalls along the river.


We ate kebabs, dumplings and zooming in on Peking Duck.


... and just for fun here's a few more photos from the night.




  We crossed to the other side of the river to watch the fireworks.




I didn't take a tripod so just had to do my best to hold the camera still.

Zoom In and zoom out is hosted by Helena.


helena said...

looks a fabulous event and the peking duck looks so yum

alexa said...

Brilliant capture of those fireworks! Glad your night out was visually and gastronomically so satisfying :).

Jimjams said...

Love the sunny (& sparkly) shots - that Peking duck looks delicious!

Karen said...

What fun! Love your ZIZO, but your photos of the city at dusk and the fireworks are spectacular!

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, that looks fun! It's so nice to see the close-ups and the long shots. My favourite - fireworks!

Wendrie Heywood said...

The fireworks and city by night both look lovely. Chinese New Year here was fairly cold and miserable - your's looks like a much nicer temperature :)