Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out #4

A huge excitement for The Boy over the holidays was helping Granddad build a car. He took the manual to bed at night to study, coming down one morning to tell Granddad that he'd put true suspension on the wrong way. There was a period with no work while they waited for parts to arrive, but then they both got stuck right back into it. I'm sure The Boy will be looking forward to our next trip to Pt. Lonsdale so he can keep helping.



Linking up with Helena.


helena said...

I love the concentration from both - great captures

Jimjams said...

I'll bet that's a ZIZO that nobody else will have ... what a brilliant experience (for them both)!

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, how lovely to see them working together. Perfect pair of shots for ZIZO!

Missus Wookie said...

What a lovely shot that first one is - such concentration and enjoyment. Nice to see the wider shot with that open toolbox too :)