Saturday, February 1, 2014

This week's links ...

1. Digital Project Life - Photobook Tips

2. DIY Sage infused vinegar - a natural antibacterial cleaner.

3. Organised kids bathroom - something I need to do ... organise the kids bathroom that is.

4. Love this scrapbook layout of all the books she read in 2013 ... all broken up into favourite, liked, loathed and meh.

5. I'm not doing a photo-a-day this year but photo-a-day lists can be helpful for getting out of a photography rut ... I might pick some of the ideas off this photo-a-day February list.


cate behind the purple door said...

I love that layout! I haven't kept up with photo-a-day for months, but I'm trying again this month because I am in a photography rut.

alexa said...

I found the photobook information very helpful, thank- you!