Monday, February 17, 2014

Simply a Moment: February


Date: 15.2.2014
Time: 11:20am
Location: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

We've been at the pool since 7:20am this morning. I'm currently waiting for The Little Girl to come back from her third and final race. We're on a bit of a tight schedule. She needs to get home, have lunch and a shower before Hubby drives her to join her youth group, 2.5hrs away from home at Mansfield.

She catches my eye as she walks down the steps to where I'm sitting, gives a quick smile. She's obviously pleased with herself, and she should be. Her time qualifies her for an Australian swimming JX award. We weren't sure she would make it this year after missing most of the long course season with a broken leg.

We chat about the race and what her coach thought while packing our bags. I reach for my drink bottle that rolled down under the chairs in front of us and as I straighten up a loud beep sounds throughout the stadium. It's followed by another and another.

I quickly put the drink bottle into my bag and hurry The Little Girl along, pushing our belongings into their bags. It's the pre-evacuation signal and I don't want to have to wait to get back into the centre to pick up our bags.

The bags packed and we start to move towards the stairs when the announcement to evacuate comes followed by the fire alarm. We make our way out into the foyer area. I can smell smoke. No one's too concerned as we walk down the steps and step outside.

A crowd from the recreational pool is already milling but we don't hang around, heading round the outside of the building to reach our car on the other side. Buckled in we leave the carpark. I sigh as we join the long queue of cars waiting to leave the Albert Park Sporting Precinct.

** I did not take the photo above while we were evacuating. This is what the pool looks like first thing in the morning.


alexa said...

Oh gosh, that's a dramatic moment, Melissa - did you find out what happened? That looked like an action-packed day too, keeping up with your daughter's schedule. Many congratulations to her - such an achievement in its own right, never mind recovering from such a serious injury. I was delighted to see you in the Linky! and thank-you for sharing your moment with us this month :).

Amy said...

I like the contrast between your photo, the story and my own knowledge of what the traffic would have been like!

Honoré said...

Whoa! What a surprise and dramatic ending to your moment! I trust all ended well and that your daughter made her schedule with time to spare. Congratulations to her on her swimming award with such a challenge before her.


Beverly said...

Coming to you via Alexa :) I have been in those situations and like you make sure to grab all my stuff so I can leave versus having to wait for the all clear to get back in.

S said...

Congrats to the little girl. And glad that you were safe in the end.