Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nurture: How I'm going at the start of February.

My OLW for this year is nurture and my aim this year is to nurture various aspects of my life that were effectively put on hold last year due to crises while working on those bad habits that have crept into my days. My biggest concerns are probably having more energy, making sure I have margin and investing in relationships. Most of my goals this year will centre round these issues as well as completing some projects that are just fun ... because we all need plenty of fun, right?

I posted a starting list in January and this post is my place to look at what I did in January and look at what I'm going try.

Personal Organisation:

  • Daily Habit to Try: Digital fast from 8:30pm to 8:30am. With the stress of last year it was easy to withdraw into the digital world, procrastinating with the internet and iphone games. My sleep is also not that great so I am experimenting with a digital fast. This is one I began before Christmas and I am now up to 18 days.[Completed 11.01.2014. Observations: I had moments where this one was difficult but managed to resist the urge to turn on the phone first thing in the morning. I'm sure it is beneficial to my sleep to have a buffer before bed but it was not the magic bullet to reduce my digital procrastinating. Going forward I have decided to continue with no internet after 9pm. At this stage I am happy to include some digital time wasters in my day but will try to limit them. A big motivating factor in these digital goals is to set a good example for the kids]
  • Daily Habit to Try: Limit game playing on the iPhone to about 15mins which translates approximately to using my 5 lives in Candycrush. (I'm currently on 7 days but have false started a couple of times)
  • Work out a routine that minimises the choices I need to make during the day. Too many choices can be draining so I figure if I can reduce the mundane choices I need to make I'll have more emotional bandwidth left for the things that matter. How the routine will look in the end is anyone's guess but I will experiment to find something that works.
  • Daily Habit to Try: Flossing. I know sad isn't it, but I really, really let standards drop round here.[Completed 16/01/2013. This is going in the to keep pile.]
  • Daily Habit to Try: Cleanse and moisturise my face each night. (Currently on 27 days)


  • Lose the two kilos I put on last year. [Not yet. I actually put on 1.5kg over the Christmas period but have since lost that and hope to lose the other soon]
  • Daily habit to Try: walk Observations: This was fine over summer when I had plenty of time but I'm still working out my schedule now that school's back. Plus I want to include more variety in my exercise like swimming, tennis etc.
  • Weekly Habit to Try: Exercise for at least 30mins three times a week. (Currently I'm on two weeks in a row but have completed 4 weeks in total)


  • Pick a bible reading plan for the year. [I picked a 15 day plan called Margin. I've read through the bible in a year the last 5 years, except last year I didn't finish and I felt like a bit of a change.]
  • Finish Margin and pick another 
  • Daily Habit to Try: Read the bible. [I completed my 29th day today. Observations: I've been working through the bible reading plan and use the SOAP method to reflect. Once I've done that I work on my scripture memorisation. I make sure I do it first thing in the morning which I think will be crucial to continuing the habit, plus it's a good way to start the day. The first influence of my day is the Word instead of our culture]
  • Daily Habit to Try: Count 3 gifts. (currently on 26 days)
  • Memorise first set of verses in Scripture Memorisation for the Rest of Us: The Jesus project. (currently on 5 verses)


  • Enrol for first semester uni.


  • Monthly habit to try: Date night [January Hubby and I went to BurgerInc for dinner then saw The Anchorman2]
  • Monthly habit to try: Family Fun Date [January we took the kids to Frozen]


  • Support the kids with their daily habits. At the end of last year the dentist gave the two youngest a stern talking to, so over January I implemented the use of disclosing tablets at night to check their tooth brushing. The Big Girl and The Little Girl are now off daily checks a down to one surprise spot check a week, The Boy is still on nightly disclosing tablets and we may need to settle in for the long haul with that. I also printed out a list for each child with their morning and afternoon jobs that they can tick off to earn screen time. 
  • This month I aim to consolidate these routines, by consistently following through even when I don't feel up to it at the end of the day.
  • Help the kids work out their schedules. (Have done this for The Little Girl which had the added bonus of helping her realise that she has very little spare time so she can't take on any more activities).
  • Daily Habit to Try: Stop yelling ... because the truth is (despite what I've told myself) that letting off steam does not make me feel better, in fact I feel worse after my words have crushed another little piece of these precious little people that are in my care. I'll be referring to this and getting serious about it this month.
  • Do a bit more thinking about the kids technology use.


  • Make plans for the blog this year. [Completed ]
  • Settle on what to do for recording the everyday in 2014. [Completed]
  • Daily Habits to Try: write. I don't know what it's like for you but it's noisy in my head. Words seem to chase themselves round and round in there but once they're sorted out, made sense of and written down they stop making quite so much noise. (now at 24 days)
  • Weekly Habits to Try: Edit the photos and video from the previous week. Put into whatever format I eventually decide upon. I want to be able to have something finished not long after the end of the year. (now at 3 weeks)
  • Do the cover for the Whistler-China photo book. I've completed the pages in the booksmart software but I want ot design my own cover. [Completed and bonus I've got the book back from the printer now]
  • Put together a video of our Whistler-China trip.

House and Home:

  • Get the budget up to date [Completed 5/1/2014]
  • Put together our tax.

Habits to Keep:

  • Turn off internet at 9pm
  • Floss
  • Read the Bible

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