Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Month in Numbers: January 2014

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So, I dropped out of blogging these at the end of last year (but still did the page for our albums) and have decided to pick this up again this year, without the graphic format.

The Boy successfully completed U10 Nippers.

Hubby did 4 trips to Bunnings (for our overseas friends Bunnings is a large hardware chain) and 2 trips to the garden supply centre. 3 projects started and 2 finished. He finished oiling the decks, putting stones on the front garden and is partway through building a pergola.


The weather in January was one of extremes. The first two weeks only had one day over 30C and most Nipper days I spent shivering in jeans and a wind cheater. Coldest day was 19C. The Boy and I left the house that day to head to Nippers and it started to rain, luckily I was not on duty and pulled the plug. Then we had a week of scorching temperatures with the hottest day reaching 45.4C. At those temperatures we prefer to stay close to the air-conditioning and make use of the pool rather than the heading to the beach. While we were staying down at the beach there were 13 days under 25C and 4 days over 40C. No wonder I came home feeling like we'd had too few perfect beach days.


Hubby spent 7 days in China and Hong Kong for work.

The Little girl had her first swimming competition since sage broke her leg. Since she has missed most of the long course season her PB's were from March last year. She got four PB's.

We borrowed 20 books from the local library. For the first time Hubby even borrowed a book.

... and currently a block loaf at our local Brumby's costs $4.


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Melissa and Happy New Year. Nice to see you joining in again for 2014!

I love the look of your garden work and the colours on your house - very nice!

And while you may feel like you had too few perfect beach days - that's a lovely, atmospheric, photo of the sea front.

I've added your post to the board now - but for some reason I couldn't pin any of your images from it - so I just used the header. http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Anyway, welcome back + have a happy February Melissa.

Julie :-)

Jules said...

Oh my goodness, your garden area at the house is beautiful! I love the rocks around the plants. That is not something that is common in my area but it is beautiful.

Your photo of the coast is dreaming from my view being buried in record amounts of snow. You are a great photographer!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Sounds like a busy month all round. Our garden is a quagmire right now with all the rain we've had this month so yours is a welcome sight :o)