Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inspired by Magazine Style Photobooks: Whistler China Photobook

Last Easter holidays we travelled to Whistler and China. I had quite a lot of photos and late last year decided that I just needed to get the book done. Around this time I also saw this post about Magazine Style Photobooks. She writes "the success at getting these things made and printed was letting go of perfectionism". So true. So instead of making all her books in photoshop she began to use the pre made layouts in Blurb. I was after a simple book anyway so I decided to give it a go. I worked mostly with the predesigned layouts in bulb booksmart. I decided on a 13X11in landscape image wrap cover. The cover I designed in PSE.

The first pages. I love the look of text on photos so I dragged the text boxes onto the photos. All the layouts are editable, so you can add photos, or move things around if you want to.

The software also has what they call photo spread layouts so you can have a photo spanning two pages. Believe it or not this is a photo I took with my iPhone, this was as large as I could make it without having quality issues.

Pages with lots of photos. I selected no headers or page numbers for the book.

View of the Westlake at Hangzhou. I stitched several photos together in PSE to form the panorama at the top, then added in some more photos from other vantage points.

How gorgeous is this lady and her stall, and those huge balls of fairy floss! My favourite photos I included as full pages and put related photos on the facing page.

These are the photos from our factory visit. I had a lot of the opening ceremony and first pour so I picked a layout that had lots of smaller photos.

Another example of a full page photo.

Enjoying the book.


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