Monday, January 6, 2014

The Five of Us: Final Photos for 2013

September, taken by the FIL the night before we left for The Kimberley's. We celebrated The Little Girl's birthday early then we had to leave her there because she couldn't go with her broken leg. It was so hard saying goodbye ... she was a trooper though ... braver than I was.


I missed October :( ... but November we took a selfie in the backyard.

Christmas Day, taken by my sister. Which gave the set a certain symmetry since she also took our January photo.

My thoughts on this project: I really enjoyed this series and it was good to have photos of us all when I was putting together our yearly slideshow that we send out instead of Christmas cards. The family was surprising cooperative. With Hubby's travel schedule some months were difficult because if I didn't remember to get it before he left the country I'd lose my chance, so I needed to be forward thinking to make sure I didn't get caught. I'll probably continue this year but not monthly ... I'aiming for six photos for the year.


alexa said...

That last one is my favourite - you all radiate health and togetherness!

S said...

Great shots, all of them!