Friday, January 17, 2014

Simply A Moment: January 2014

Friday 17th January
Pt. Lonsdale

The kids are eating morning tea accompanied by the fairly constant bickering. My tolerance is low this morning. My eyes are scratchy. My head feels full of cotton wool. It's been hot all week. Sleep has been elusive.

Sunscreen is applied, hats found … well all except for one. My patience runs out, we'll go hat or not.

I open the door. The heat hits, rising up from the tiles outside, a hot wind blows from the north-east. My weather app tells me it's 37C. It will get hotter today. They're forecasting 45C.

We walk next door. I struggle to free the lilos and floating chair from their storage rack. Sweat beads on my forehead as I carry them through to the pool.

The kids watch me. I jump. Cool water closes over the top of my head. I let myself plunge to the bottom, before I push off and break the surface. Take a breath. The water isn't as cold as I expected but it's enough to wake me up. I climb into the floating chair. The kids launch themselves into the pool. I lie back.

The Little Girl asks "Are you enjoying the noise?"

"No. I am not."

I close my eyes. The sun beats down on my skin, pleasantly balanced by the cool water lapping my back. I let the voices blend into background noise and drift.

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Amy said...

I can just say that this resonates with such strength I am sure you can imagine! Right now I am on the countdown ... 5 hrs until the change comes through .... hopefully it might come earlier on the coast!

alexa said...

Oh, that sounds painfully hot :(. Your description took me right there (remembering 40C in Spain), and cool clear blue water sounds and looks just the ticket. Some of the images in your Flicker window below me away, especially the ones with the reflections of rocks and coastline in the surrounding water. I've just googled the weather and glad to see those temperatures are coming down! Thank-you so very much for joining in this month, and enriching our spread of moments :).

Anonymous said...

Living in south Florida, I can related to the heat! Glad you found some relief.

Anonymous said...

Living in south Florida, I can related to the heat! Glad you found some relief.

Sandie said...

Well that was a surprise! Blue sky and hot sun - dull, dark and wet here! Thank you for this brief glimpse into your world. It was nice while it lasted :)

Missus Wookie said...

Loved the line about sinking to the bottom of pool and enjoying the cool water.

My nephew has just flown to Melbourne 'for at least six months' so I've been watching the temperature there too. Hope you get a bit more peace too.

Becky said...

Gosh that sounds too hot! Was with you when you jumped in and it made me laugh when the girls asked if you were enjoying the noise!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to be reminded that as cold as it's been in the U.S. so far this winter, that's its different elsewhere (and I live in FL where we should be having 75-degree days instead of early morning freeze warnings. So, as much as I'm wishing a warmup for people who need it, I'm also wishing you some refreshing cool.

S said...

Once I got over my jealous about the warmth you are experiencing, I loved hearing about your morning. I also noticed in your sidebar the book on reading the Bible for all its worth. I hope you'll let us know how you liked it.

Miriam said...

What a lovely moment and fabulous picture. I can't imagine such heat! Well If you count absolutely awful hot flushes, maybe I can. Thanks for the peek into your world.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That seems a world away from the frosty morning here as I read about your heat. I hope you get some respite soon x