Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word 2014

I just looked back and realised I did pick a word for last year - intention ... the fact that I'd forgotten I'd picked it would be a good indication just how well I did last year. In fact I would consider last year the complete opposite of intentional ... rather we were carried on a wave of busyness and finally a series of crises. The addition of the exchange student to our household added another layer of busyness and complexity (she wasn't what I would call easy) to our house, even before the increase in swimming training for the Little Girl and Hubbies work travel. I was feeling stretched and exhausted before the broken leg. Wheelchairs, plaster, middle of the night wake ups and many hospital visits filled the next three months of our year while trying to keep everything else running along. Add to that the death of the mother of one of the Little Girl's good friends and we all got a lesson in life this year.

Come November the thought may have crossed my mind that the dust was finally clearing ... we were literally celebrating the Little Girl's first successful walk without crutches when I knock at the door broke in ... the exchange student had been hit by a car. An ambulance ride, 14 hours on a hard chair in the emergency department, hard international phone calls, a fractured vertebrate (not serious but requiring the wearing of a back brace) ... I was done.

Whatever intention I might have had at the start of the year, my main aim by the start of December was to limp through the rest of the year while not succumbing to the various physical ailments that were natures way of demonstrating my limits.

For 2013 we are back to the five of us and this year my word is nurture.

Personally: Nurture my spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual health. Build healthy, renewing habits.

Family: Nurture our family relationships. Have fun together and individually.

As a mother: Nurture the kids passions and needed skills by providing the appropriate support and resources.

... and a verse for this year.


cate behind the purple door said...

Sounds like you need a year of nurturing. Good luck keeping your word visible

alexa said...

After the year you have had, nurture sounds just the thing. Hoping it stays right at the forefront for you in 2014.