Monday, January 13, 2014

Bloggitty blog ...

What you can expect I expect you can expect to read this year if you stick around. If you've been hanging in this space for any length of time you are probably well aware of my track record on following through with plans. You may be wondering why I keep making any plans at all … and the reason would be that even when I fail to hit the mark I invariably end up doing more than I would have if I'd made no plan at all. With that in mind, this year I plan to regularly post …
  • This week's links: I really enjoy putting together these posts and I think you guys have found some of them to be of interest.
  • 20 words: 1 photo and 20 words. Hosted by Abi.
  • My month in numbers: find the numbers that sum up your month. Hosted by Julie.
  • Zoom In - Zoom Out: a photography prompt that is self-explanatory from Helena.
  • Inspired By: where I turn my pinterest pins and other inspiration into real life projects.
… maybe this will even be the year when I finally write something more substantial than 20 words for Alexa's Simply a Moment … time will tell.
and of course whatever other random stuff happens to be floating through my life.


cate behind the purple door said...

Looking forward to it

Amy said...

I enjoy all your posts Melissa!