Friday, January 31, 2014

24 Lists #2: Back-to-school expenses

1. Credit on the girls phones $70
2. A trip to Dobson's for bathers (The Big Girl), school bag and cap (The Little Girl) $147.93
3. Officeworks for the girl's stationary $194.54
4. School shoes (The Boy and The Little Girl, Big Girl's still fit ... win) $239.90
5. Bob Stewart's for school socks for The Boy $15.90
6. Swap shop for The Boy's uniform $50.
7. Three text books for The Little Girl that I forgot to put on the main order $104.40.

Doesn't include textbooks for the girls, iPad for The Big Girl, stationary and texts for The Boy and two new dresses for The Big Girl that I bought last year ... and we won't even mention school fees.

1 comment:

alexa said...

Golly, those numbers are scary - and that's before you count in the ipad? Eek!