Friday, January 24, 2014

14 Things in 2014

I know, another list, but this one's more for fun. Well, it was prompted by one of the MOC challenges at The Lilypad. Here's the page:

Make Gyoza
Go see a Movie at Gold Class
Make a Terrarium
Go to Kakadu
Finish the Pure Series
Make Nutella Stuffed Monkey Bread Muffins
Make PomPom Napkin Rings
Read the Life of Pi
Take a tour of the Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse
Finish my PL2013
See an exhibition at the NGV
Display the kids art
Make naan.
Get the Whistler-China photo book printed.

… OK, the last may be a little cheat since I did send it off for printing earlier this week, but I'm not above putting a few completed or nearly completed todos on my lists.

The picture is a modified screenshot of my pinterest board if you are curious.

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alexa said...

A great page full of visual (and reading) interest and lots of rest for the eye too. Nice to see your adventures!