Friday, January 31, 2014

24 Lists #2: Back-to-school expenses

1. Credit on the girls phones $70
2. A trip to Dobson's for bathers (The Big Girl), school bag and cap (The Little Girl) $147.93
3. Officeworks for the girl's stationary $194.54
4. School shoes (The Boy and The Little Girl, Big Girl's still fit ... win) $239.90
5. Bob Stewart's for school socks for The Boy $15.90
6. Swap shop for The Boy's uniform $50.
7. Three text books for The Little Girl that I forgot to put on the main order $104.40.

Doesn't include textbooks for the girls, iPad for The Big Girl, stationary and texts for The Boy and two new dresses for The Big Girl that I bought last year ... and we won't even mention school fees.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

24 Lists: #1 Things we did on Australia Day ...

I love lists but the idea of 52 lists ... 1 a week is a bit much for me. 2 per month? That seems doable. So today I kick off a new project for 2014 ... 24 lists: 2 lists on any topic per month.

Things we did on Australia Day.

  1. Went to church, with a false start at 9am because we forgot services were still on summer schedule.
  2. Weeded and pruned (me).
  3. Watched the roulettes do a fly over our house.
  4. Drilled and screwed (Hubby).
  5. Swam in the pool (kids)
  6. Ate all the leftovers out of the fridge.
  7. Watched the one day international against England (Hubby).
  8. Watched Wawrinka beat Nadal in the Australian Open Final (Me.)
  9. Went up to The Big Girl's bedroom and peaked through the trees at the fireworks over the city.
Australia Day fireworks
(not what they looked like from our house, peaking though the trees)

Do you like lists? Would you like to join me making lists? Leave a comment and link me up.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This week's links ...

1. My first trial of keeping an indoor plant alive may be dying. It was home by itself in a week of 40+ temperatures and is looking sad. I may need to replant the pot with one of these or this is another list of easy care house plants.

2. Goals Accidentally Deconstructed.

3. Or another perspective on goals ... Forget about setting goals.

4. With a girl about to head into Year 9 I found this post at Planning With Kids interesting.

5. A free day journal card by Cathy Zeilske.

Friday, January 24, 2014

14 Things in 2014

I know, another list, but this one's more for fun. Well, it was prompted by one of the MOC challenges at The Lilypad. Here's the page:

Make Gyoza
Go see a Movie at Gold Class
Make a Terrarium
Go to Kakadu
Finish the Pure Series
Make Nutella Stuffed Monkey Bread Muffins
Make PomPom Napkin Rings
Read the Life of Pi
Take a tour of the Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse
Finish my PL2013
See an exhibition at the NGV
Display the kids art
Make naan.
Get the Whistler-China photo book printed.

… OK, the last may be a little cheat since I did send it off for printing earlier this week, but I'm not above putting a few completed or nearly completed todos on my lists.

The picture is a modified screenshot of my pinterest board if you are curious.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zoom In and Zoom Out #2

A walk around the point at low tide the kids found a starfish.


Zoom In/Zoom Out is weekly linkup hosted by Helena.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Practical Joke?

Was it Ethan, Henry or Mr. Nobody? Or possibly the guys at the pool shop were playing a practical joke?

20 words … begun by Abi.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

This week's links ...

1. Free Holiday Printables for PL.

2. Buzz off in Mason Jars.

3. Another Best Books of 2013 post and a link-up of lots of people's best books of 2013.

4. 21 roads to Drive … Victoria's Great Ocean Road gets a mention.

5. Photography and Food styling tips … although I am more likely to be in too much a a rush to eat what I've cooked so I just snap a photo.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Simply A Moment: January 2014

Friday 17th January
Pt. Lonsdale

The kids are eating morning tea accompanied by the fairly constant bickering. My tolerance is low this morning. My eyes are scratchy. My head feels full of cotton wool. It's been hot all week. Sleep has been elusive.

Sunscreen is applied, hats found … well all except for one. My patience runs out, we'll go hat or not.

I open the door. The heat hits, rising up from the tiles outside, a hot wind blows from the north-east. My weather app tells me it's 37C. It will get hotter today. They're forecasting 45C.

We walk next door. I struggle to free the lilos and floating chair from their storage rack. Sweat beads on my forehead as I carry them through to the pool.

The kids watch me. I jump. Cool water closes over the top of my head. I let myself plunge to the bottom, before I push off and break the surface. Take a breath. The water isn't as cold as I expected but it's enough to wake me up. I climb into the floating chair. The kids launch themselves into the pool. I lie back.

The Little Girl asks "Are you enjoying the noise?"

"No. I am not."

I close my eyes. The sun beats down on my skin, pleasantly balanced by the cool water lapping my back. I let the voices blend into background noise and drift.

Simply a Moment is hosted by Alexa.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bloggitty blog ...

What you can expect I expect you can expect to read this year if you stick around. If you've been hanging in this space for any length of time you are probably well aware of my track record on following through with plans. You may be wondering why I keep making any plans at all … and the reason would be that even when I fail to hit the mark I invariably end up doing more than I would have if I'd made no plan at all. With that in mind, this year I plan to regularly post …
  • This week's links: I really enjoy putting together these posts and I think you guys have found some of them to be of interest.
  • 20 words: 1 photo and 20 words. Hosted by Abi.
  • My month in numbers: find the numbers that sum up your month. Hosted by Julie.
  • Zoom In - Zoom Out: a photography prompt that is self-explanatory from Helena.
  • Inspired By: where I turn my pinterest pins and other inspiration into real life projects.
… maybe this will even be the year when I finally write something more substantial than 20 words for Alexa's Simply a Moment … time will tell.
and of course whatever other random stuff happens to be floating through my life.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Oops ...

Abi is continuing her 20 words meme, but this year it will be a bit more structured. I'll probably continue with the meme in a fairly random fashion, linking when I can.

A misjudged rebound in a game of jungleball. Plans for regular basketball and tennis with the kids are temporarily stymied.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Five of Us: Final Photos for 2013

September, taken by the FIL the night before we left for The Kimberley's. We celebrated The Little Girl's birthday early then we had to leave her there because she couldn't go with her broken leg. It was so hard saying goodbye ... she was a trooper though ... braver than I was.


I missed October :( ... but November we took a selfie in the backyard.

Christmas Day, taken by my sister. Which gave the set a certain symmetry since she also took our January photo.

My thoughts on this project: I really enjoyed this series and it was good to have photos of us all when I was putting together our yearly slideshow that we send out instead of Christmas cards. The family was surprising cooperative. With Hubby's travel schedule some months were difficult because if I didn't remember to get it before he left the country I'd lose my chance, so I needed to be forward thinking to make sure I didn't get caught. I'll probably continue this year but not monthly ... I'aiming for six photos for the year.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

This week's links ...

1. New Years Resolutions you can actually achieve. In all the  New Year earnestness ... I know I've contributed my fair share ... go have a giggle @thedoghousediaries.

2. Actually, it isn't just about "being": it's about "doing" too. - "Of course I want them to be good people. But I don’t want them to be only good people: I want their goodness to be helpful to others. I want them to make a difference, to extend the Kingdom of God, to do what God calls all human beings to do in the opening chapters of the Bible: to take what we’re given and do something good with it."

3. 25 for Sanity Manifesto with Printables. You might not want to do all 25 but a great starting point to think about what might put a little sanity in your life this year.

4. Grow a bumper tomato crop.

5. Pom Pom Napkin Rings ... cute fluffy and colourful.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Inspired by Triangles

And so begins what I plan to be a new series on the blog. Taking all those pretty pictures I've pinned and actually doing something. I've been admiring for a while the use of geometric designs in various print formats and especially triangles ...

1; 2; 3; 4

I've just finished putting together a photo book of our trip to Whistler and China in 2013 and it was in need of a cover and title page ... so my take on triangles:

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions, goals and all those New Year things ...

There's something so inviting about the New Year. A kind of blank slate and (well for me at least) the added bonus of one whole month away from all the usual expectations and commitments. Time to start some new habits, finish some things that have been hanging around way too long unfinished, recharge the batteries and think about what I want 2014 to look like. I've picked my word and thought a little bit about what that might look like.

Last year I had a love list and each month I looked forward with in anticipation of things I wanted to do and had to do and back to see how my list from the previous month went ... this year I'm going with something a little different. I wrote that I wanted to build (or reinstate) health, renewing habits; nurture our family; and support the kids. With that in mind I am going to keep a running list of goals for the whole year, moving forward in these areas but also with some of those unfinished projects that are still important to me. At least once each month my aim will be to review where I am, what I have accomplished and where I need to go, but I'm not going to limit myself to changing things up to the end of the month.

This list will be a combination of different types of goals:

  • One off projects.
  • Habits to Try. These are changes or routines that I am trying out on a temporary basis to assess whether they are something that I want to implement on a permanent basis. Inspired by Becoming Minimalist with a little tweak of my own. Daily habits I will continue until I reach 29 days straight, weekly habits until I reach 6 consecutive weeks and monthly habits for 6 months.
  • The habits I decide to keep will be ... wait for it ... habits to keep.


I've broken it up into loose categories but some of the habits will overlap.

Personal Organisation:

  • Daily Habit to Try: Digital fast from 8:30pm to 8:30am. With the stress of last year it was easy to withdraw into the digital world, procrastinating with the internet and iphone games. My sleep is also not that great so I am experimenting with a digital fast. This is one I began before Christmas and I am now up to 18 days.
  • Daily Habit to Try: Flossing. I know sad isn't it, but I really, really let standards drop round here.


  • Lose the two kilos I put on last year.
  • Daily habit to Try: walk


  • Pick a bible reading plan for the year.


  • Enrol for first semester uni.




  • Make plans for the blog this year.
  • Settle on what to do for recording the everyday in 2014.
  • Daily Habits to Try: write. I don't know what it's like for you but it's noisy in my head. Words seem to chase themselves round and round in there but once they're sorted out, made sense of and written down they stop making quite so much noise.
  • Weekly Habits to Try: Edit the photos and video from the previous week. Put into whatever format I eventually decide upon. I want to be able to have something finished not long after the end of the year.
  • Do the cover for the Whistler-China photo book. I've completed the pages in the booksmart software but I want ot design my own cover.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word 2014

I just looked back and realised I did pick a word for last year - intention ... the fact that I'd forgotten I'd picked it would be a good indication just how well I did last year. In fact I would consider last year the complete opposite of intentional ... rather we were carried on a wave of busyness and finally a series of crises. The addition of the exchange student to our household added another layer of busyness and complexity (she wasn't what I would call easy) to our house, even before the increase in swimming training for the Little Girl and Hubbies work travel. I was feeling stretched and exhausted before the broken leg. Wheelchairs, plaster, middle of the night wake ups and many hospital visits filled the next three months of our year while trying to keep everything else running along. Add to that the death of the mother of one of the Little Girl's good friends and we all got a lesson in life this year.

Come November the thought may have crossed my mind that the dust was finally clearing ... we were literally celebrating the Little Girl's first successful walk without crutches when I knock at the door broke in ... the exchange student had been hit by a car. An ambulance ride, 14 hours on a hard chair in the emergency department, hard international phone calls, a fractured vertebrate (not serious but requiring the wearing of a back brace) ... I was done.

Whatever intention I might have had at the start of the year, my main aim by the start of December was to limp through the rest of the year while not succumbing to the various physical ailments that were natures way of demonstrating my limits.

For 2013 we are back to the five of us and this year my word is nurture.

Personally: Nurture my spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual health. Build healthy, renewing habits.

Family: Nurture our family relationships. Have fun together and individually.

As a mother: Nurture the kids passions and needed skills by providing the appropriate support and resources.

... and a verse for this year.