Saturday, November 2, 2013

This week's links ...

We're enjoying a four-day weekend down at the beach thanks to the horsies (Melbourne Cup Day is Tuesday). The weather was lovely today but a change is coming tonight. We played some tennis, took a little excursion to the beach and BBQ dinner outside. The Little Girl got her plaster off last Monday and made it through her first 2hr swimming session on Thursday night on a very modified program. Her knee and ankle are stiff and thigh muscle is wasted after 10 weeks in plaster but she's diligently doing her physio exercises. Hubby took her to the pool this afternoon and she spent 1.5hr swimming. It's the only thing she can do at the moment to give some relief from the fluid buildup in her foot but we're seeing good progress each day. Hopefully in a few weeks she'll be able to ditch the crutches.

1. Here's someone else doing a monthly Project Life.

2. Looking for something to read? 32 Popular book Club Books

3. Love this twist on the photo-a-day. 1s of video each day.

4. 12 Simple Strategies to Create Space Everyday

5. Simplify Your Life by Writing it Down

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alexa said...

Some super links, Melissa - I am intrigued by the video one especially. Hope you are having a lovely time at the beach :).