Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Kimberley's Part 2

Last time I showed you some of the beautiful places for swimming up in the Kimberley's but there was a lot more water that we didn't swim in ...

Tunnel Creek where we followed the creek underground, hence the name. Not really my idea of a fun place to swim ... we waded through the creek with the aid of our torches.


 The Gibb River, looks pretty inviting from this angle but turning around we had cows standing in the very low level of water.


Mitchell Falls. We swam above the top tier but below the falls is a no go zone, both for cultural reasons, it being a sacred site for the local people and also because of the saltwater crocs. 


 The Pentacost River, salties live here too.


 The Sapphire Pool at Emma Gorge, the bigger pool at the top of the gorge is the place where everyone swims.

 The massive Lake Argyle from the dam. Holds 20 times the volume of Sydney Harbour and can hold 80 times at flood, a favourite place for all sorts of boating pursuits but we were occupied with a boat trip on the Ord River below the dam ...


and finishing at Lake Kununurra.


Geike Gorge

.  IMG_9511


 The old Fitzroy River Crossing


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alexa said...

What stunning scenery and photos ... I got a jolt when you mentioned the crocs - we forget here that there are water creatures bigger than us!