Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Month in Numbers: August

Month in Numbers is the fabulous idea of Julie at Notes on Paper. You can join in with your own numbers at her blog.

August was not the best month for us, we began the month with some major disagreements with The Exchange Student that were quite stressful, a second unplanned trip to China for the Hubby and then the broken leg by The Little Girl just topped everything off.

September is the month of our long awaited extended family trip to the Kimberley's but now The Little Girl is unable to go. Some of us will still go but we need to finalise the details of who. The leg is still an uncertain prospect with some work to be done next Friday (an operation is still not off the table but we are praying it doesn't come to that) so we can't make any decisions until at least then. So a bit more stress in September but maybe some relaxation too.


Missus Wookie said...

Ugh on the broken leg, hope the op is necessary and that it heals smoothly.

Julie Kirk said...

Oh Melissa - what a rotten time you've had. It's typical how so many things can mount up on you in one short space of time isn't it?

It sounds like you spent a great deal of August looking at hospital walls. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery - and hoping that your holiday plans go as smoothly as possible in the circumstances.

I've added you to the board now - thanks for joining me, even in such a tricky time for you:

I think that really September needs to bring you something wonderful and unexpected, something to make you all smile.

Take care this month.

Julie :-)

alexa said...

You have really had a stressful and difficult time ... Hoping there is a space for some family relaxation and the chance just to put the whole emotional load down for a bit. Thinking of you.