Monday, September 2, 2013

August ... that's a wrap

1. Celebrating The Exchange Student's birthday.  Done

2. I start back at uni this weekend. I've had three classes and very successfully completed my first piece of writing for assessment.

3. The Little Girl's House Athletics Carnival. The first day got washed out and was rescheduled for when The Little Girl was up at Mt Buller but because there were quite a few girls involved in the ski team they ran the 1500m early on a Wednesday morning. The Little Girl ran it and came third and was a chance for the school team if not for the broken leg.

4. School music concert - The Exchange Student plays in the concert band. A fantastic night. The main audition choir did a medley from Les Miserables which was superb. Great music all round.

5. Melbourne Vic Centre Swimming Meet for The Little Girl. Done

6. Two Club Sunday swim meets for The Boy and The Little Girl. Done. The first swim meet for The Boy and he really surprised me ... and he enjoyed it so we may keep him interested in swimming for a little longer yet. Second meet was a bust due to the broken leg.

7. The Exchange Student's school social. Done

8. The Little Girl's school music concert. No ... broken leg.

Moving forward on my list ...

9. Reserve Wolf Hall so I can borrow it again to finish it. Yes but it I needed to pick it up when I was tied up at the hospital with The Little Girl.

10. I'm falling a bit behind on my PL. This month I want to make sure I have the pages for each month planned and the regular weekly pages finished. Still need to plan the pages for March and April and complete the DITL spread for March.

11. Get a handle on this semester's subject. I'm going to need to get started on my assessments early because we'll be away in the school holidays. See above. Plus I will have extended time to work on my assessment pieces while I am at school with The Little Girl. She is not independent yet and so I will take her in for a couple of classes and stay at school while she is there. They are going to set me up to work somewhere.

12. Finally catch up on my Roman's Project. A few curve balls this month so no.

13. Make some bread from my pinterest board. No.

I also need to ...

14. Get new jeans and long sleeve T-shirts (still!!). I finally snuck out on Saturday while Hubby could be home with The Little Girl and got a pair of jeans and two tops. We have entered an early Spring so I'll be putting the long-sleeved T-shirts on hold.

15. Finish cleaning the kitchen and also Ethan's room which we are part way through and hang Ethan's sword on his wall. Got a bit further with the kitchen but not The Boy's room.

16. Attend to the vegetable garden. Weeded, now I just need to lay out the mulch.

17. Prune and tie back the fruit trees. Done.

18. Go and buy the plants we need for the garden. No, we're kind of stuck at home at the moment.

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alexa said...

I can see how your plans are having to shift due to your poor daughter's broken leg, but hoping you manage to achieve enough to help you feel you are tackling what you want and need to. Yeay for the shopping trip for you!