Saturday, August 31, 2013

This week's links ...

1. I made this slow cooker lamb yesterday and it was a winner with everyone and very easy (win from me). I made the spicier version.

2. The first set of these PL freebies may come in handy for scrapping August.

3. I love these gorgeous pages documenting her kids rooms in a PL insert.

4. I also love this IKEA hack bedside table ... I'm seriously considering something like this for the spare room/study (currently the Little Girl's room because it's on the ground floor. The Exchange Student swapped rooms with her.)

5. And I pinned this Superhero wall art that I plan to print out for our PL to celebrate The Boy and the stellar job he has done looking after his sister since she got out of hospital (not to mention the gorgeous card he made for her). He's been fetching food and whatever she needs with a smile ... I've been very impressed.

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alexa said...

Some lovely PL links here - thank you!