Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Phillip Island

... we went there the last weekend of July. Mum suggested we take The Exchange Student to see the penguins and I realised that none of us had been either. We decided to do the trip when The Exchange Student's family were out here on holiday. The day started early with The Little Girl's swimming at 5:20am followed by The Boy's soccer match a 9am in Knox. The Exchange Student and family met us at our house and we all drove down to Phillip Island ... we had borrowed Hubby's sister's Discovery so we could all fit in since there were 11 of us. We arrived at Cowes at about 1pm for lunch then a walk on the foreshore.


Next stop was The Nobbies with a stop on the way to pick up our tickets for the penguins.


  No seals today. The blowhole was blowing but only just.


  Next we had a walk and some muffins baked that morning on Woolamai Surf Beach.


We headed back to the penguins by 5pm. We spent a bit extra for Penguins Plus tickets and I think it was definitely worth it ... less people and much closer viewing opportunities. We hung around to watch three large groups of penguins come in then spent a bit of time on the boardwalks watching and listening to them as they settled in to their nests. The boardwalks are situated within the colony.

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alexa said...

Glad you got to see them, finally. I was very afraid, as I was reading, that this story was not going to have a happy ending!