Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Month in Numbers: July

Brought to you by Julie, you can join in with your own numbers at her blog

So that's my page for our album. This was the first month that Julie gave us all something to count ... well two things ... the first I included on my page above (# of photos) ... the second was the number of things in your bag and my graphic design was never going to accommodate that, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to clear out my hand bag ...

4 reusable supermarket bags
5 bandaids
1 pen
1pkt tissues
1 letter to the kids orthodontist, which was supposed to be posted to them before the appointment in July ... no wonder they hadn't received it when we were there.
Details of my cousin to send flowers to after her mum died (did that).
A piece of paper with the account numbers of the four bank accounts I closed before the end of June.
The address I dropped The Exchange student off to before her social.
A ticket to the school music concert.
Lego foreman.
Loose change floating in the bottom of my bag: $7.85
A $10 voucher to Myers.
A postcard from Kiitos in Barwon Heads.
Confirmation of The Boy's Term 3 swimming lessons.
4 bank deposit confirmation slips.
2 kids church activity cards.
Information sheet for the swimming Club Sundays.
Ziploc bag of foreign coins that I was going to drop in to the unicef tin at the foreign exchange office in Camberwell but forgot (meanwhile Hubby has been overseas twice.)
2 church offering envelopes.
3 supermarket receipts.

My wallet which contains:
$5.80 in change.
1 giftcard for groceries and one for petrol.
8 store reward cards.
2 credit cards.
Medicare card.
Medibank card.
Ambulance membership card.
Qantas frequent flyer card.
4 library cards - one for the local library and 3 university libraries.
MIA patient card.
The Boy's soccer registration card.
Swimming Victoria membership card.
RACV membership card.
MYKI card.
Tennis Victoria membership card.
Entry card for the pool.
Tennis club access card.
27 receipts
$50 notes
Organ donor card

... and my bag is much lighter now.


alexa said...

You have really made me smile with the contents of your bag! I love the presence of the Lego man :). And I always admire the very cool way you do your month in numbers - so classy.

Julie Kirk said...

It sounds like a 'speed-dating' set-up with the teachers! Does a buzzer go off when your time runs out? ;-)

I love the Lego man popping up in your bag! I'm pretty sure *all* us MinN bloggers are faithful tissue-carriers. Such a practical bunch. And I can sleep well in the knowledge that lots of people headed into August with a newly organised bag after clearing it out for their count!

I've added you to the board now Melissa:

Enjoy the rest of August.

Julie :-)