Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August ...

This August we are looking forward to ...

1. Celebrating The Exchange Student's birthday.

2. I start back at uni this weekend.

3. The Little Girl's House Athletics Carnival.

4. School music concert - The Exchange Student plays in the concert band.

5. Melbourne Vic Centre Swimming Meet for The Little Girl.

6. Two Club Sunday swim meets for The Boy and The Little Girl.

7. The Exchange Student's school social.

8. The Little Girl's school music concert.

Moving forward on my list ...

9. Reserve Wolf Hall so I can borrow it again to finish it.

10. I'm falling a bit behind on my PL. This month I want to make sure I have the pages for each month planned and the regular weekly pages finished.

11. Get a handle on this semester's subject. I'm going to need to get started on my assessments early because we'll be away in the school holidays.

12. Finally catch up on my Roman's Project.

13. Make some bread from my pinterest board.

I also need to ...

14. Get new jeans and long sleeve T-shirts (still!!)

15. Finish cleaning the kitchen and also Ethan's room which we are part way through and hang Ethan's sword on his wall.

16. Attend to the vegetable garden.

17. Prune and tie back the fruit trees.

18. Go and buy the plants we need for the garden.

1 comment:

alexa said...

By gum, that's a list and a half for a month! I must have missed it somewhere (apologies) but was wondering what you are studying... The exchange student is getting lots of interesting things to be part of :).