Saturday, July 20, 2013

This week's links ...

1. Norway, the Harlem Shake and the Bible - "Mere entertainment and distraction are not enough; people want something more challenging."

2. I made Chicken Souvlaki for dinner on Thursday. It was good but everyone wanted more and there wasn't extras. Will have to make more next time.

3. I also made these Banana Weet-bix Muffins this afternoon for the Little Girl to take with her tomorrow. She's heading off down to Morwell with the swimming club to compete and will need plenty of food to keep her going through her six races.

4. It's the wrong season for us but here's a tomato growing tip ... let's see if I can remember when summer rolls around.

5. 7 Tips for Better Travel Photographs - any opinions on her tip to go with just a 35mm prime lens. I'm going to the Kimberley's in September and would like to travel light?

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