Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello July ...

This month we are looking forward to ...

1. 8 days at Pt Lonsdale with my sister and kids. Lots of walking, maybe a drive to Barwon Heads, Bells Beach, the movies and Geelong Foreshore.

2. The Little Girl's expedition to Sovereign Hill for her Compass Award.

3. Two swim meets for The Little Girl, one is a day trip on the bus with her team mates.

4. Orthodontic appointments for the Little Girl and The Boy.

5. Mother/daughter lunch for The Little Girl and I.

6. Learn to ski day for The Big Girl with her school.

7. The Exchange Students family coming for a visit.

Moving forward on my list ...

8. I got back into the Romans Project last month so this month I plan to get all caught up.

9. Finish June and July PL pages.

10. Edit and upload our Easter holiday photos.

11. Read books.

I also need to ...

12. Complete two BAS returns.

13. Mulch the second planting in the vege garden.

14. Now that the pantry is clean I will clean the rest of the kitchen to match.

15. Buy new jeans ... one of my three pairs is starting to wear through and I pretty much live in my jeans.

16. Buy some long sleeve T-shirts ... it's becoming frustrating now.

1 comment:

alexa said...

Gosh, that it quite a list! Buying jeans and t-shirts sounds more fun that cleaning the kitchen. Hoping you have a real sense of achievement when all is ticked off,