Sunday, June 30, 2013

June ... that's a wrap.

1. Celebrating The Big Girl's 14th birthday. Done with a sleepover party for seven friends last weekend.

2. A long weekend. Celebrated The Big Girl's actual birthday and spent some time writing my essay.

3. The Boy's school camp. He wished he could stay on camp forever.

4. Year 6 School Play. The Little Girl played Lavender the best friend of Matilda in the play called Matilda.

5. Violin exam for The Little Girl. Scored a tough examiner who doesn't give out A's easily and the girl before her came out from her exam and promptly burst into tears. The Little girl looked a bit teary too after her but she got a call from her teacher while I was out on Friday and left a note on the bench for me ...


6. Mid year exams for The Exchange Student. Finished.

7. The Little Girl's first swim meet for this season. Very successfully completed ... she's swimming very well at the moment ... apart from a little trouble with her turns.

8. The end of 2nd term. Yes, and we were more than ready.

9. My sister flying in from Singapore. She came a week early because of the pollution in Singapore ... and the kids were on holiday anyway.

Moving forward on my list ...

10. Hand in my final essay for this semester. Yes, I was very relieved to cross this one off my list.

11. Recommitting to the Romans project is a must this month. Yes, I was up to Romans 1:24 and I have now memorised the rest of Romans 1 and romans 8:1-6.

12. Also from last month ... edit and upload our holiday photos, make bread and look at what to do with our olives. 
The photos still need to happen. The olives didn't need to happen because they disappeared off the tree one weekend. The bread was pretty good although it ends up a bit filling for the kids lunchbox sandwiches and hard to butter without breaking, but makes really yummy toast.

13. Finish May PL layouts. Not quite, the photos are all in but I need to finish the journaling on a few pages.

14. I've been reading a lot, mainly YA that I'm sharing with the Big Girl but once I finish my essay I'd like to reserve some books off my lists to read in my break. I've got the Booker Prize winner Wolf Hall to read over the holidays and I'm currently reading A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf.

I also need to ...

15. Clean the pantry. Done

16. Go clothes shopping for myself. Still need a new pair of jeans and some long sleeve T-shirts.

17. Do a second planting in the vege garden, mulch and set up the supports for the broad beans. I will need to mulch the second planting once the seeds sprout.

18. Do as much work as I can in preparation for the end of financial year before the end of June so everything is not quite so rushed in July. Done what I can.

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