Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello June ...

This month we are looking forward to ...

1. Celebrating The Big Girl's 14th birthday.

2. A long weekend.

3. The Boy's school camp.

4. Year 6 School Play

5. Violin exam for The Little Girl.

6. Mid year exams for The Exchange Student.

7. The Little Girl's first swim meet for this season.

8. The end of 2nd term.

9. My sister flying in from Singapore.

Moving forward on my list ...

10. Hand in my final essay for this semester.

11. Recommitting to the Romans project is a must this month.

12. Also from last month ... edit and upload our holiday photos, make bread and look at what to do with our olives.

13. Finish May PL layouts.

14. I've been reading a lot, mainly YA that I'm sharing with the Big Girl but once I finish my essay I'd like to reserve some books off my lists to read in my break.

I also need to ...

15. Clean the pantry.

16. Go clothes shopping for myself.

17. Do a second planting in the vege garden, mulch and set up the supports for the broad beans.

18. Do as much work as I can in preparation for the end of financial year before the end of June so everything is not quite so rushed in July.

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