Monday, May 27, 2013

My Monthly PL Process Part 6: Finish those Pages

After I have all my photos in. I go back and working from the first layout put paper in the gaps, add journalling and finally some finishing touches, which are usually just dates, staples and some wordart. I'm keeping it very simple this year.

Once I've completed the month, I do a final proof read and then flatten the images, saving them in a folder containing all the finished layouts for the year. I'll keep my layered files at least until I send the book off for printing.

Here's all the finished layouts for February ...

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Amy said...

I really hope BH see's your pages Melissa because yours are probably my favourite - I think you have adapted the templates beautifully and your use of product is understated and it adds just the right amount of colour and interest.

Out of curiosity - do you remember the name of the font you used for the text The Bountiful Harvest? I also really like the date overlays, I have a feeling I've seen them, I just can't remember where now.

Melissa Stebbins said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your kind words. At times I do try a bit more product but always end up pulling it out and going for the basics.

The font is Dooodelista:

The date overlays are by Pink Reptile Designs:

alexa said...

These are stunning especially seen in combination like this - this is going to be such a wonderful book ... You have so much variety in here too.