Friday, May 31, 2013

May ... that's a wrap.

1. School cross country races for the Little Girl and The Boy. Done. The Little Girl qualified for the school team and ran in the District cross country as well.

2. JKC camp for The Boy at Phillip Island. Done, he had a fabulous time.

3. The Little Girl performing at the Boroondara Eisteddfod in her school choir and string orchestra. Yes, they got 2nd in the primary school large ensemble and 1st in the primary school choir divisions.

4. Dental appointments, hopefully just the checkups required. Done, I had to get a filling repaired today and the girls have had new teeth come through so need them coated.

5. Swimming Presentation night, Hubby will take The Little Girl. done, she wore her dress and managed to snag a place in the Club Sunday Top 12.


6. The addition of GSV netball into the Big Girl's schedule after she made one of the school teams. Yes, although they've had two washouts.

7. School camp for The Big Girl, and they really do camp this time. Done this week.

Moving ahead on my list ...

8. My Romans Project took a back seat while I was overseas so I need to get back into it. I have memorised Rom 1:1-24 so far. - No, will have to make this a priority this month.

9. I have two workshop papers due for uni this month. One of them just happens to be Romans 1:1-17 which works out nicely. Done and am happy with the marks I have received so far.

10. I also need to start work on my major essay for this semester. Yes, I have another 2 weeks to finish.

11. Finish my Feb PL pages and my blog series. Done

12. Edit and backup my photos from our holiday, ready to start making a photobook. - Have started but not finished.

13. Have a hit of tennis. Yes I had three hits of tennis and the shoulder is holding up ... I have not tried serving yet.

14. My parents bought home some freshly ground flour that I am going to try in this recipe. - No.

15. Do some research on what to do with our olives. - No, I completely forgot about this until right now.

I also need to ...

16. Plant winter vegetables. Yes, seeds of broad beans, peas, rainbow chard, rocket and snow peas planted plus seedlings or lettuce, a mix of Asian greens, broccolini, plus a row of pansies down the front. I also had to replace the rosemary after some rough handling by the husband (the rosemary that is).  I will add another planting in a couple of weeks.


17. Thoroughly clean out the pantry and the cupboard under the sink. No, will have to do it this month.

18. Make appointments for haircuts and orthodontist. I had my haircut on Monday and The Big Girl's is scheduled for tomorrow.  The Boy is now overdue for one too.

19. Go clothes shopping for myself. We went family shopping last Sunday and everyone except for me updated their wardrobes. Mine is in a very sad state, that will need remedying before the weather really gets cold. - No, luckily the weather has been a little more mild after a very chilly start to May and I've been able to make do ... can't last for much longer though.

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